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Stuffed Courgettes Ricetta Zucchine ripiene

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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This recipe is very versatile! you can choose your favourite ingredients and add or remove something you don't like. The courgettes are delicate and therefore are suitable to several different preparations.

Let's start!

for 2p.

2 courgette
1 garlic clove in slices
1\2 onion
e.v. olive oil, salt, parsley, pepper
mild cheddar cheese
parmigiano cheese
crustless crumble bread  
4 slices cooked ham or 2 slices of bacon
2 eggs 

Cut each courgette in half,  lengthways and scoop out the pulp centre with a teaspoon.

 Take a pan,  put some extra vergine olive oil and when it is hot, add the chopped onion. When the onion becomes soft  (10 minutes circa) add the courgette's pulp with salt and pepper, stir gently until  you get a homogeneous mixture.

In a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs with the cheeses, parsley, salt, minced garlic and than add the bread.
Now add the mixture in the pan with the other staff until the eggs harden.

Take the courgettes boats, salt them and start to fill them. When you have finished, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and put everything in a preheated oven at 180°C.  To avoid to get them stick to the bottom of the oven tray and to get a soft courgette's skin,  put half a glass of water on the bottom of the oven tray. Sprinkle the top of the courgettes with olive oil. Cook them in the oven until they become golden and crispy. This should normally take around 30 minutes.

Another way to cook them, is in a large pan with a base of oil and water. They will be more tender but not crispy.

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    ottime le zucchine ripiene. ho fatto contento mio marito. ti seguo da quando ti ho conosciuta


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