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Ricetta Pasta alla Norma

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This recipe comes from Catania, a beautiful and decadent sicilian city, which lies at the shades of Etna Volcano.  The name of this pasta is a tribute to the famous Opera "La Norma", composed by the famous musician Vincenzo Bellini, who born in Catania.

For 2 people,  suitable for vegetarians, 20 min. + 45 min. rest.

1 aubergine
160 g. penne pasta
1 clove garlic
1 chilly, pepper, salt, olive oil
seeds oil for frying
1 jar of chopped tomatoes
oregano and fresh basil
ricotta salata


Cut in slices of 1 cm. the aubergine e sprinkle salt on every slice. 
Put the aubergine in a colander with a pot on top (as pictured) and let them rest for 40 minutes. This helps the aubergine to loose their water and bitterness.


In a  pan, put an aboundant amount of seeds oil and when it is very hot, start to fry the slices of aubergine on both sides. Put them on paper tissue in order to absorb the oil in excess. 


At this point, I like to do this: I use some aubergine whole slices to garnish the plate and I cut the other slices in quarters.

Put the water in a deep pot and when it's boiling add the past with a pinch of salt.
In an other pan,  put the olive oil with minced garlic and chilly and when  they brown,  add the tomatoes. 
Cook for ten minutes and if needed add some water. When the sauce is ready add a pinch of salt, oregano and some fresh basil.


When the pasta is cooked, drain it and add it to the tomato sauce. It's time to  add the aubergines cutted in quarters, stir and serve with fresh basil and grated ricotta. 

Wine: I suggest to taste it with an intense Nero D'Avola.

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  1. Che bei ricordi della Sicilia.... Giorgia

  2. Da buona siciliana non posso che apprezzare ed applaudire questo ottimo primo!! Brava, complimenti!!


  3. che buona ha i sapori della mia sicilia che nostalgia vivo in veneto ciao da albaincucina


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